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Protecting Your Home From The Harsh Elements

September 26, 2019

Our homes are our castles.  In life our homes will possibly the largest investment that we make in our lives.  They will shelter us from the harsh environments, protect us from predators and give us enjoyment as we travel through live with our family.  With our homes being so important to us, we need to also be good to them. One of the easiest ways to start this is to have gutter installation vancouver performed on our homes.

With the installation of gutters on our homes we are setting up a barrier and a channeling system that water can use to flow away from our homes.  If we don’t remove this water or fail to direct it away, the water could eventually cause great amounts of damage.

Remove branches and trees that are too close to your roof

Having trees, bushes and other plants growing near your home will create a beautiful backdrop for you and others.  However, if these natural wonders grow too close to your home, come in contact with your roof they can start to cause issues that plague you later.

When a tree is too close to your roof the water won’t have a lot of places to go.  Also, with this extra shade the sun won’t be able to dry out the standing water on your roof which in tun will cause damage.  Even if you have gutters installed if air flow and other obstacles are in the way your gutters will cease to be effective.

Check for damage regularly

gutter installation vancouver

Over time you will want to do an inspection on your home.  This inspection should cover all of the interior and exterior areas of your home.  If during the inspection you find areas that need repair handle them as quickly as possible.

Power wash your home

Washing your home with a power washer will remove all the dirt, grime and debris that can eventually rot or create damage to your home.  Just like bathing yourself, cleaning your home is just as important for its overall health.