free radon test atlanta ga

Important Info On Radon Which You Should Read

September 25, 2019

free radon test atlanta ga

The best home air inspection exercise will include the location of radon. Guidance can be given by both federal and state environmental protection agencies on how home owners can acquire a free radon test atlanta ga consultation. This must be done because radon is extremely poisonous. But why is radon being mentioned here? Apart from it being extremely harmful to residential inhabitants, there is every likelihood that it has filled their internal air space.

Maintenance inspectors working for privately-owned companies can remove the detected radon using a non-invasive solar powered solution. At the same time, the maintenance inspectors advise homeowners on available air purification and solar-powered ventilation systems that can further purify the property’s interiors. In order to ensure that the air stays clean, healthy and free of poison, lifetime guarantees should be considered. 

Without the professional inspection, radon is extremely difficult to detect. That’s because it is without color and it is odorless. It is a poisonous gas located in the soil. It emits through the ground when uranium starts to decay. And by the time it enters the home environment, it is already poisonous. It has been known to contribute towards the development of lung cancer. So, there you go.

Now you know. People may have often wondered how others have been able to contract lung cancer when they have never smoked a day in their lives and have always been known to live ‘healthy’ lives. And just so you know, radon is the number two cause of lung cancer. The latest statistics released by the Environmental Protection Agency are startling. Thousands of people have died from radon poisoning in a single year.

Your state also reveals that at least one in every four homes have substantial levels of radon content.