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Steps And Procedures When Installing Items Made Of Glass

Glass is a great material to build things with.  We use glass for the windows in our home, mirrors, windshields and more.  Glass is a transparent material made from sand and when heated forms the hard substance we call glass.  When installing glass each item is different.  Here are some different tips, tricks and suggestions for glass installation dallas tx.

Remove old glass

When installing glass it is important to remove all old glass that may have been installed previously.  If this is a new installation this step can be skipped.  When removing old glass be careful and wear heavy gloves.  During the removal process grab the glass firmly from the center of the sides. Never carry glass from the edges or from the center of the glass. 

Clean out edges

When the glass is removed make sure to clean out any groves and areas that held the original glass in place.  Sometimes window casings can contain small bits of material that need to be brushed away.  Just be careful not to cut yourself on any sharp edges.

Weather proofing

glass installation dallas tx

When installing windows and other glass that will be exposed to the elements make sure to install waterproof weather stripping.  This stripping, caulking and other sealant should be waterproof.  When installing making sure to come in contact with the windows, have a good thickness layer of the material.  If you use too much it won’t have enough flex or give and if you use too little it won’t be as protective.

Prevent Damage

When working on window installation, glass installation or anything to do with this material make sure to take your time and be careful.  Glass is a very fragile material that if gets scratched, chipped or cracked will be very difficult to repair.  Taking your time and doing the install correctly will save a lot of time and loss of materials.

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